Ascot Heaters and WiFi Electric Radiators

Ascot Heating

A range of wireless radiators perfect for you.


Manufactured in Spain by Premspec, the WF range of Ascot heaters are a range of electric radiators designed to function like any home heating system. They can be used to replace or supplement existing heating systems. Ideal as a standalone heater or quick heating solutions with no fuss.

Fully LOT20 compliant, the WF range of wifi electric heaters come in WiFi and Non-WiFi models. They have digitally programmable interfaces and on the Wireless models, can be App controlled by devices with Apple and Android software. Each wireless heater is supplied with a 1.5 meter power cable and plug. They also come with wall brackets with anti-roll system and fixing template.


WiFi Models

The Ascot wireless radiators work via Wifi and a seperate WiFi module called the Multilink wireless module. You can link up to 31 heaters to a single Wi-Fi Multilink hub. The hub enables control from your smartphone as well as Amazon Alexa with the Echo and Echo Dot. This allows you to access your wireless heating system from anywhere in the world. Monitor your energy consumption and set up heating programs. To top it off, a Geolocation function means your heaters can automatically power on or off when your phone is a certain distance away. This means you never have to worry about leaving your heating on and it means you can come home to a toasty warm house every night.

Standard Radiator (Non-Wifi Models)

With a programmable 7 day, 24 hour digital thermostat, the non-wifi models of Ascot fluid-radiators are still every bit the technological marvel. Each model comes with comfort, economic and antifreeze modes, and open window detection, an active counter that also provides historical information on energy usage.

WiFi Multilink Module

The Multilink is a perfect piece of kit for our era. Enabling you to connect up to 31 wireless heaters to a single device. It has a maximum 'open field' distance of 200m and 30m with 2-3 indoor walls inbetween. The signal emitters on each wifi radiator form a ring subnet when each transmitter acts as a signal repeater. These signals can each be transmitted upto 4 times meaning full wifi coverage of your home of office is guaranteed. This is then accessible with the EMISOR app, available on Google Play and on Apple devices via the App store. There is now a Multilink USB available. It performs the exact same function as the Multilink hub and can be plugged into any USB port to activate.


What app do i download to control the heaters?

You need to download an app called 'Emisor Wifi'. It is available under that name on both Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

What is the range of the Wifi?

It has a 200m line of sight range. This is with no obstructions or walls. With walls it comes down to approximately 30m. Each radiator can help boost the signal to reach others in a 30m radius. In a domestic property it would be extremely difficult for it to not have a signal.

Does the electric radiator come with the "Multilink"?

That device must be purchased separately. Once you own the device, you can connect up to 31 devices onto it. You can use either the Multilink hub or the USB.

How does the Wifi Multi Link work?

It communicates with the radiators via radio frequency and is connected to your router with a network cable. This network cable is provided with the Multilink hub version.

What happens if the Wifi goes down?

Your heaters continue to operate on the programs established. There will be no loss of heating or sudden disconnect.