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 Free delivery on orders over £75


Scolmore switches and sockets

Scolmore is a manufacturer of high quality wiring accessories including Plug sockets &Light Switches, Back Boxes and much more. Wiring Accessories Incorporated in 1989, Scolmore has a diverse number of companies under its umbrella, including Scolmore International, ESP, Ovia, Unicrimp, Click and Sangamo.

A well known name in the electrical industry, Scolmore are a British based, family run business with a track record of listening to customers and providing exactly what they need.

Their brand of Click products are widely used and requested by electricians. Scolmore have their own product development team that constantly have their eye on new trends and requested items in the industry.

Developing bespoke devices for hotels and offices, Click have an enormous catalogue of varied wiring accessories.

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