TV, Satellite & Video

TV and Video pheriphers. Aerials and coaxial cable plus equipment. Connecters and converters. This category also includes splitters for multiple signal splitting. POE related equipment for CCTV systems can also be found in this category.

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  1. Click Polar Single Coaxial Socket Outlet PRW065
    Click Polar Single Coaxial Socket Outlet PRW065
    Special Price £1.61 £1.34 Regular Price £1.73
  2. Scolmore Click - Polar Accessories White Single Isolated Coaxial & Satellite Outlet PRW157
  3. 12V DC Male Power Connector allows Premade Cameras to be Used with Existing Cabling
  4. 12V DC Female Power Connector allows you to Plug Direct into the Power Supply
  5. BNC Crimp On Connector for Video Signal over Coax Cable or Existing Cabling
  6. BNC Straight Female Coupler / Connector for Connecting 2 Male BNC Plugs
  7. BNC T Connector for Branching off with BNC Cables
  8. Single Non-Isolated Coaxial Outlet VPSC065BK Click Deco
  9. Single Non-Isolated Coaxial Outlet VPSC065WH Click Deco
  10. Isolated Satellite & Isolated Coaxial Outlet VPSC157BK Click Deco
  11. Click Mode Single Non-Isolated Coaxial Outlet CMA065
  12. Click Mode Twin Non-Isolated Coaxial Outlet (CMA066)
  13. Coaxial Cable Black PVC Premium Coax, 100m Drum
  14. SAC Coax F to F Coupler
  15. F Plug to Male Coaxial Connector
  16. BNC Coupler Female to Female Coax
  17. 8 Way Indoor Splitter (5-2400MHz)
  18. 6 Way Indoor Splitter (5-2400MHz)
  19. 2 Way Indoor Splitter (5-2400MHz)
  20. Coaxial Male Coax Plug
  21. Coaxial Female Coax Plug
  22. F Plug to Female Coaxial
  23. Straight Cable Mount F Connector Plug
  24. Coaxial Y Splitter
    Coaxial Y Splitter
    £1.02 £0.85
  25. Labgear 4-Way Outdoor Splitter
  26. Mercury 8 Way VHF UHF Distribution Amplifier AMD08