FLUKE T150 Continuity Tester 2 Pole LCD Display Electrical Voltage Tester

The Fluke T150 Continuity and Voltage tester is the best voltage tester in the T100 range.  Giving you alot more than the average volt stick, this Fluke electrical tester features a higher safety rating and higher IP rating than its predecessors. The T150 also has a resistance measurement upto 1999 Ω

The Fluke T150 tester Features:

  • AC/DC Voltages - 6v - 690v
  • Continuity -  0 - 400 kΩ
  • Frequency - 0 / 40 - 400 Hz
  • Phase Rotation - 100 V - 690 V
  • Vibrate Under Load
  • LCD Display
  • LED Torch
  • Resistance Measurement - Up to 1999 Ω
  • CAT III 690V - CAT IV 600V
  • IP rating - IP64


All our testers come with a manufacturer's certificate of calibration as standard.


FLUKE T150-1
Excl. VAT £82.99
£99.59 Incl. VAT

The Fluke T-Series comes with following technical Specification:

Technical Specification






Complies with EN 61243-3:2010

LED Indication Range: 12 V to 690 V dc and ac

V Display: Multiple LED Bargraph

Independent ELV indicator LED, indicates if >50 V ac/120 V dc is present even in the event of no battery power or main circuit failure

LCD Indication Range: 6 V to 690 V dc and ac



V Display: Digital LCD 3½ digit (1 V resolution)



Resistance Measurement: LCD 3½ digit (0 to 1999 Ω/1Ω resolution)




LCD Backlight



Display HOLD: Freeze/unfreeze display with voltage or resistance measurement



CAT II 690 V / CAT III 600 V




CAT III 690 V / CAT IV 600 V


Rugged, Double-Insulated Wire

Fixed Impedance ~200 kΩ (~3.5 mA @ 690 V)

Switchable Load by 2 pushbuttons (30 mA @ 230 V)


Vibration During Load (when 2 switchable load pushbuttons are pushed)


Single-Pole Phase Test (also operates with gloves)

Rotary Field Direction (also operates with gloves)


Continuity Test / Diode Test



More Information
Dimensions 260mm x 70mm x 38mm
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