Garden and Outbuilding Security

Basic Security Measures for your Home Garden.


When you own a home, that feeling of being safe and secure starts at the perimeter. Knowing potential intruders will be deterred by your garden security means you may never hear your own alarm system go off, and that's a good thing.

Basic Security for your garden and associated outbuildings falls down to several common sense points.

Maintain your Garden

Hedges are useful for keeping intruders out. Properly trimmed and maintained, give a sense of presence in the property. A well maintained garden lets people know that the owner takes care of their property and likely does the same with their security. Overgrown bushes and plants can be a signal to intruders that your garden is not in good condition and the owner may not care about other things, including security. 

Basic Shed Security

Depending on the quality of your shed, some can be at greater risk than others. Fitting a padlock is the first step to securing a shed. Even with this done, one of the biggest vulnerabilities are the hinge screws on the shed door. Replacing these with bolts can help. Alternatively, see if you can fit internal hinges.
Placing metal bar or two across the windows will stop people trying to remove either the glass or perpex you have. A ground anchor inside your shed is also useful for securing more expensive items.

Giving your shed a fresh coat of paint not only stops rot, but is as effective as a maintained garden - showing intruders you care about your property. You can also purchase small battery powered door contacts with their own attached siren. They could be what you need to scare a potential thief away.

Extending your current house alarm to your outbuildings or garden is also a great idea. Texecom Premier systems have PIR's and detectors suitable for gardens and sheds. If you cant run a cable that far, consider getting a Ricochet expander module to take your alarm wireless.

Light 'em up

Illuminating the area around your property highlights anyone looking to cause trouble. Anyone under the cover of night will be alot less likely to break in with the spotlight on them. Also useful for the darker nights ahead, a good lighting system will help light up them garden steps preventing trips or falls and also illuminate and dark alleyways that just do not feel safe or navigable at night.

We have a huge range of lights with a varying degree of price ranges to cater to everyone. You can have them PIR controlled or set them up to a photocell to detect darkness, slave several lights together to create a fully illuminated area all around your house.


Dilapidated fence panels are essentially useless. As well as defining your border, a good fence gives you just that little bit more protection for your property. If your posts are still alright, a trip down to your local fencing place could see you securing your property for the price of a couple of panels. A worthy investment. A solidly built garden gate is also a good deterrent, with a quality bolt and padlock if need be.

Buy Quality Locks

Always buy the best padlock you can. A cheap easily cuttable padlock is no use to anyone. A padlock or shackle with a thicker clasp and of a known good quality will be far worth the additional cost. Some of the best quality padlocks available can be purchased for under £20. Same goes for your lock on your shed door, a quick look at any related YouTube video will show you how to change those locks in a minute should you need to replace one.


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