GJD Solitare Expansion Unit - GJD012

GJD 012 - 2 Zone Expansion Unit For Dygizone & Solitaire Controllers.

The 2 and 4 Zone Expansion Units works in conjunction with DygiZone lighting controllers, Solitaire Touch Controls and GJD detection devices.

Excl. VAT £38.19
£45.83 Incl. VAT

Works in conjunction with the DygiZone lighting controller, Solitaire Touch Controls and GJD detection devices. 

The modular design enables the Expansion Units to be conveniently installed within easy access to the mains supply. The low voltage cable link allows the DygiZone lighting controllers, Solitaire Touch Controls and Expansion Units to be positioned anywhere up to a distance of 200 metres.. Each Expansion Unit switches two channels up to a maximum of 1500 Watts.


  • Mains Supply: 230 VAC 50HZ via ELCB/MCB-unit fused at 13A 
  • Lighting Outputs: Two channels of 1500VA or 1500W Halogen - maximum 
  • Provides 12VDC at 120mA for any of the following:
    • 30mA - 2 Zone Solitaire Touch Control
    • 50mA - 4 Zone Solitaire Touch Control
    • 6mA - Opal XL External PIR
    • 10mA - Elite External PIR
    • 35mA - RFX-3 Receiver for Opal RFX wireless PIR
    • 50mA - Additional devices (e.g. Piezo sounder) 
  • ‘T’ Output 5mA plus timed signal. Suitable for driving base of NPN transistor 
  • Cable Guide 1.5mm twin & earth for mains cable
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