GJD Dygizone Digital 4 Zone Lighting Controller, in Silver - GJD910

  • GJDs next generation release of its very successful Solitaire range.
  • Available in Satin chrome finish or white finish. 
  • Compatible with existing GJD Solitaire Expansion Units.
Excl. VAT £61.39
£73.67 Incl. VAT

State of the art professional security lighting is now brought into the price bracket of every normal person, thus enabling a professional security lighting system to be installed in every home. 

The GJD Dygizone Digital (GJD910) is a 4 Zone Lighting Controller and GJDs next generation release of its very successful Solitaire range.

(Please note that the Dygizone is compatible with existing Solitaire Expansion Units, but cannot be used in conjunction with 2 or 4 Zone Solitaire Touch Controls).

The Dygizone offers 24 hour control and monitoring of 4 zones of security lighting via a user-friendly control panel and modern LCD display. With programmable functions that accurately control the activation, timing and duration of the lighting to minimise energy consumption and light pollution.

5 different mode settings can be programmed for each zone.

When the external GJD sensors are activated, the DygiZone indicates which Zone has been activated by either an audible beep or a 10 second pre-recordable voice message for each zone - and the Zone indicator is illuminated on the control panel.

2 programmable timers for each zone allows the lighting to be automatically switched on & off at pre-set periods for a pre-set time - ideal for when a building or premises are unoccupied or for courtesy lighting. 

A system overide can be made from up to 3 locations at any time.

The system can be expanded to enable up to a 30,000 Watts of lighting to be controlled and switched as required.

Stylish modern display with back lit blue LCD display showing real time clock, detector activation and zone status. 

System configuration Normally 1 Master and 1 Slave DygiZone and one additional Slave can be added if required. 

Please note the GJD Dygizone works in conjunction with the GJD Expansion Units (GJD040) and (GJD012) 

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