GSM Auto Diallers and Communicators

Speech Diallers, GSM Gate Openers and Machinery Automation with GSM Controllers


A speech dialler, when connected to an alarm, can automatically dial out and contact people when it is triggered. By pre-recorded speech or text messages it can notify of burglaries or fires and other events, sending the notification to pre-programmed telephone numbers. Diallers and communicators are a reliable form of notification as they do not use local internet. Instead, relying on either a GSM sim card or a local phone line for connection. Other notification usages can include panic devices, nurse call devices, gas and flood sensors.


Warm White Strip

This tape lighting is Warm White, producing a soft yellow light. As with all of the Adder range, this light strip is 7.2w per meter. It features a rubberised covering on the surface. On the reverse, an adhesive backing covers the entire length of the strip. Fast fit plug and play connections remove the need for time consuming solderin