Honeywell 8EP276-A UK Informa Speech Dialler for Burglar Alarms

The 8EP276A-UK Informa by Honeywell is a wideley used top of the range burglar alarm speech dialler that is usable with any alarm, similar to the Texecom speech dialler we have on the site. The dialler does not need any additional auto dialer software. The 8EP276-A can be programmed up to alert of flood or temperatures warnings or even to attached to remote machinery to inform of stock changes or machine operation.

The Honeywell Informa Features;

  • 3 phone numbers + follow me
  • 3 Inputs  IP1-IP3
  • Recorded message stored in memory
  • Master message + 3 trigger messages
  • 20 seconds message recording
  • Trigger inhibit for use with Bells only alarm systems
  • Last event memory recall
  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 115 x 148 x 32mm
  • Can be used as a standalone unit

The item also comes with a telephone lead for easy setup.


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As part of your intruder alarm system, the 8EP276-A UK Informa speech dialler dials pre-programmed phone numbers. It then plays recorded voice messages to alert someone that an intruder has been detected in your home. For example, the Informa can contact a friend or relative who lives near your home and who can investigate the alarm and call the police if necessary. It is great if you have multiple properties and require that peace of mind.

The messages are recorded by the installer and can be customised according to the type of home and installation. A typical message could be “This is the alarm panel at the house of A N Other in Anytown” followed by “The intruder alarm has been activated”. The recipient understands clearly the source and cause of the alarm and can react accordingly. With three pre-programmed phone numbers, it maximises the probability that the call is answered by someone.

The dialler has a “follow-me” number, programmable by the homeowner, enables calls to be received while you are away from home, for example on holiday. This is particularly useful in remote locations where there is no mobile phone network. The Informa can be easily connected to the Accenta Mini panel that has dedicated communicator outputs. These allow one of three alarm messages intrusion, fire, Panic Attack) to be sent, depending on the type of alarm.

With the Optima Compact, the Informa may also be connected to the bell output. In this case, only one general alarm message is sent to the phone. The Informa can also be used as an independent unit for non intruder applications e.g. flood, temperature or fire, provided compatible trigger inputs are available.

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Dimensions 148mm x 115mm x 32mm
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