Honeywell Accenta Alarm Kit 8SP400A Burglar Alarm Panel with 3 Pet Friendly PIR's and Bellbox

With Main panel, LED keypad, 3 Pet Friendly PIR's (pet function can be deactivated) and Odyssey Bellbox.

The 8SP400A G4 Mini is a tried and tested alarm panel design found in many properties up and down the country.

The Honeywell Accenta Mini G4 panel features separate LED keypad with PA and Tamper.

  • Up to 4 Accenta RKP’s per system
  • 3 part set programs
  • 4 access codes
  • Chime
  • 8 zones programmable for Security, 2 zones for fire
  • PA input & Tamper input
  • Outputs for external Siren and strobe
  • 250 event memory (LCD keypad), 8 event memory (LED keypad)
  • Walk test facilities
  • Quick set feature
  • Battery capacity of up to: 2.1Ah


The amazing IS312B PIR's are the only passive infrareds you need.

  • Sleek, Sturdy Housing
  • Pet friendly Selectivity (36kg) Can be deactivated to function as standard PIR
  • Integrated Screw Retention Features Uniform Sensitivity Optics
  • Wall-to-Wall Coverage
  • Superior Detection and False Alarm Immunity
  • Selectable Look Down function
  • PIR White Light Immunity
  • Highly Adjustable Bracket included

 Lastly, the Texecom FCA-0001 Odyssey 1E 109db Bell Box completes the kit

  • Vertically mounting external sounder and strobe unit.
  • 109dB Volume
  • IP44 Environmental Protection
  • Patented Safety Engineer Hold-off Mode
  • Advanced Microprocessor Technology
  • Lid and Wall Tamper
  • Polycarbonate Construction
  • Selectable SAB/SCB Mode
  • Strobe Tube Saver
  • Twin Alternating LEDs
  • PD6662:2017 Grade 2 Class IV



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