Information to help you select which product is best for you, and gain a better understanding of terminology used in some of our products.


General Information

Varied terminology is used in the Electrical and Security trades.

Abbreviations and Acronyms
What is an IP Rating?
What is colour temperature in lights? (4000K, 6000K, Warm White, Daylight, etc)
Can I still use Halogen Lights
What is the best choice in LED strip light?
Securing your Garden and Outbuildings
The Difference Between Heaters?

Product Spotlights and Range Highlights

More information about specific products and ranges.

Buying cable in bulk, in branch
Equipment for the office refurb
EV Car Charging
Our fan ranges

Intruder Alarms

Information and guides on Alarm Systems, also general alarm guides and questions.

What is the difference between PIR's?
How do I select the correct keypad.
Which battery do i need for my Ricochet wireless device?
Does the Texecom Smartcom connect to other home devices?