Adder Self-adhesive LED Strip Lights

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All you want is a simple, adhesive LED strip light that you can cut to size, and stick to whatever surface you want. Thankfully, Ansell deliver with the ADDER range of LED strip/tape light.

Coming at 7.2w per meter, this IP20 rated strip lighting is surface mounted and available in Warm White Strip, Cool White Strip and RGB Colour strip. There is a range of different connectors, bends and leads available for maximum customisation. This easy to assemble self-adhesive strip lighting is perfect for ambient lighting, mood lighting behind the TV, display cases, full room lighting, anywhere you can think of. This strip lighting is also dimmable with the correct driver.


Warm White Strip

This tape lighting is Warm White, producing a soft yellow light. As with all of the Adder range, this light strip is 7.2w per meter. It features a rubberised covering on the surface. On the reverse, an adhesive backing covers the entire length of the strip. Fast fit plug and play connections remove the need for time consuming soldering, it also features cutting points every 100mm (only if required.)

Cool White Strip

Cool White strip makes a brilliant lighting solution. Cool White is a much brighter, whiter light than Warm White. The light strip can be used to backlight objects and furniture as well as uplighting to create unique environments. All Cobra lighting strip is Dimmable with LED driver ADDIM50W/12V, ADDIM75W/12V or ADDIM100W/12V.

RGB Colour Strip

The Adder RGB strip is available in a range of lengths. This self adhesive tape light has a Colour rendering index CRI 80-89. The touch RGB RF remote control allows you to choose from an array of colours via the selectable spectrum options on the remote. This RGB strip requires a different mains lead than the white colour versions for it to work. You will need the RGB Mains lead (Ansell Part Code - ACLED/ML/RGB).


A range of connectors are available for guiding the LED strip into the exact configuration you want. These connectors will only work with uncut versions of the strip. If you cut the strip to a desired size, you will need a different type of connector.

The ends of the Adder LED Strip have four prongs for joining with the Cobra plug and play connectors. These "prongs" are designed to simply slide into these connectors, allowing you to quickly assemble a desired pattern or shape to follow the contours of any surface.


We have driver depending on what wattage you require, eg: how long your strip will be. Also available is the dimmable driver for non-RGB strip.

Mains Leads

The heart of the operation. These mains leads are designed to work with the strip in this category. Split into two different products, the standard mains lead is for the Cool and Warm White strip of any length. The RGB cable is only for the RGB strip.


Accessories include the remote which has a 20 meter RF range and Memory function for colour, mode, speed and brightness. Also available is the touch RGB amplifier, which enables you to synchronise larger installations.