Martindale EZ165 Socket & Non-Trip Earth Loop Tester

The replacement for the EZ150, the EZ165 can detect 28 socket wiring fault conditions. As well as checking mains voltage levels, the EZ165 can verify the earth wiring by carrying out a non-trip earth loop test, indicating its value in 6 discrete ranges from less than 1.7Ω to 500Ω.

How it works

Socket polarity and earth wiring faults are identified by a combination of red LEDs. The 3 LEDs correspond to neutral, earth and live connections to aid fast identification of the source of common faults. A look up chart on the tester provides further fault diagnosis.

Why you need this device

A low earth resistance is essential for safety disconnection devices to work properly and prevent electrocution when faults occur. In contrast basic socket testers only indicate the presence of an earth and will do so even when resistance values are dangerously high.

The EZ165 is an Advanced Socket Tester as defined by the Health & Safety Executive as it indicates earth loop impedance.  Advanced Socket Testers offer a simple solution to verifying socket earthing and are commonly used by engineers and technicians prior to servicing and installing mains powered electrical and gas appliances.


  • Quick & easy mains socket polarity and earth testing
  • Red/Green LEDs show 28 fault conditions
  • Non-trip earth loop impedance test
  • Tough sculpted design for easy removal
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