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National Home Security Month | October 2019

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National Home Security Month is your key to prioritising your home security this October onwards. Sponsored by Yale, National Home Security Month is detailed in full on this page, alongside some of the best home security products available to you. As well as key products and services, NHSM provides useful tips in making your home more secure by helping you identify any weak points and vulnerabilities.





Week 1 of National Home Security Month begins with a focus on some of the myths surrounding home security. Whether it’s being blasé about locking up, or thinking your home is safe because you live in a well-heeled part of the country – we’ll be busting myths to get you better informed. Powersaver purposely have a range of alarms that mean you do not have to get an over the top system. For many, a basic Honeywell or Veritas system will be more than enough to cover security needs for the home.

• 28% of UK adults take no security precautions at home leaving their possessions and loved ones vulnerable.
• Being more secure can be as easy as double-checking all windows and doors are locked when you leave the house.
• Burglary isn’t confined to low income areas. In fact, The UK’s number one burglary hotspot is Henley-in-Arden.
• Wherever you live, it’s important to take security seriously. The biggest myth in home intrusion is thinking ‘burglary only happens to other people’.


kit-0002 image

Texecom Premier Ricochet KIT-0002-A is our top recommended security solution for your home. 


Week 2 Brings us door security. The front line of security in your home. In 2019, smart door systems are now commonplace. Newer more advanced technologies enable us to detect presence, record on detection then save that crystal clear 1080p footage to a cloud storage of a capacity unimaginable back in 2010 standards. Nowhere is it more important to invest in the security of your home than your front door. It’s a common entry point for burglars, and many homes in the UK simply don’t have doors that will withstand attack. We’re here to help, with useful advice and tips on choosing a front door option that will keep you safe for years to come.

• A secure front door is vital for home security, especially when you consider that 74% of burglars break in through the front door.3
• Modern technologies such as composite doors and smart locking mechanisms make it much more difficult for intruders to enter your home.
• When investing in new front door furniture, look for the Kitemark – it’s a sign of rigorous testing and best in class design.
• Try to get into the habit of keeping your front door locked at all times, whether you’re at home or not.


cam light product recommendation 

The Steinel Cam Light is a great security solution for your front door. App enabled and with two way communication. 


On Week 3, Burglary continues to be a serious problem for communities across the UK. Fortunately, there’s never been a better time to fight back against the threat of intruders. During this week we look at how technology, information, and community can help to keep your home, and your street, safe. Powersaver will also focus on lighting, the best method for preventing not only burglaries, but unwanted presence around your property.

• Community is key in the battle for home security. Residents living in areas covered by Neighbourhood Watch can expect to experience 11% fewer crimes.
• If you’re not a member of your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme, why not consider joining? If one doesn’t exist in your area, it’s easy to start your own.
• Put intruders under the spotlight – security lighting increases visibility, and it’ll put off potential burglars.
• Outdoor or indoor cameras are known to be the most effective deterrent against intrusion. And, thanks to advances in tech, it’s great value and easy to install.


 Steinel Floodlights

We recommend Steinel XLED Home 2 Floodlights for maximum effect. Highly adjustable, they can angle 90° down to the ground.


Week 4 Highlights the importance of Smart home security. Smart security is changing the way we live. The rise of the connected home and the implications on security are our focuses this week. We’ll be looking at the latest
security gadgets that will help to protect your home and give you tips on how to put together an effective, efficient ecosystem. From a single app connected to your Texecom alarm, you can control any plug in device with the help of a Smart plug and your phone. Or you can program your device to switch on when a presence is detected, giving you an instant Smart home all thanks to your Smartcom.

• 89% of ex-burglars say a connected home would deter thieves.
• From smart door locks to integrated virtual assistants – it’s so easy to make smart security a part of your home.
• If you’ve already got some smart tech at home, it could be easier than you think to sync it to a smart security device. If the items are compatible, they’ll often link automatically!
• Convenience is another benefit of smart security. For example, a smart door lock means you no more lost keys and the ability to unlock a door remotely via your phone!


Smart technology

Smartcom from Texecom gives you app control over your alarm. Combined with the Smartplug, control any plug-in device from your phone. Make your home look occupied.


Finally, Week 5 arrives with darker nights and shorter days well and truly upon us, this week we look at the steps you can take to keep your home and loved ones safe during autumn and winter. Staying secure at Christmas, how to keep it light in the dark, seasonal safety hints and tips – we’ll cover it all, and much more. Powersaver will look at securing even the most modest of homes. We can't all afford a high end security system and many people can't justify the expense. Powersaver recognise this and offer even the most basic security systems that fit the budget. It is your right to protect what you have.

• Bonfire night can see burglary claims rise by 42% over an ordinary autumn night.
• Be sure to check all your windows and doors before heading out to enjoy the fireworks.
• Burglaries spike by as much as 25% in the autumn and winter months*, so be extra vigilant with your security – perhaps get the neighbours involved too!
• To prevent any unsolicited ‘tricks’, consider installing a TS008 letterplate restrictor. It’ll stop thieves



 Our custom Honeywell Optima kit is the affordable quick security fix for any home. 


Need help with your home security but don’t know where to start? The team behind National Home Security Month has compiled a simple checklist to help you identify any weak points in your home, garden or outbuildings. 


Checklist for home security

Download here