Oilswell Slack Nuts Multi Purpose Spray Single 500ml Tin

3 in 1 Multi-purpose non staining spray with no silicone additive.

  • Water Displacement Spray 
  • Pentrant Lubricant 
  • Anti corrosion spray
  • 500ML
Excl. VAT £3.90
£4.68 Incl. VAT

Everybody needs some "slack nuts" 

Slack nuts is a very high quality multi purpose spray that meets the BT specification of Ln466c. 

It has been tested for spray resistance, copper corrosion, water displacement and material compatibility making it a ideal choice for use in all areas of industry especially mechanical, engineering, electrical and telecommunications. 

Slack nuts penetrates complex mechanisms due to its low surface tension and it rapidly displaces moisture. 

An anti corrosion lubricant film which is microns thick ensures absolute protection from moisture and corrosion. 

The unique E.P additive eliminates the risk of stripped threads or scored shafts when used as a penetrating oil.

Slack Nuts is ideal for use on electrical equipment, switchgear, plugs, coils, ignitors, battery terminals, control cables, pulleys, hinges, locks, drills, gardening tools. 

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