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 Free delivery on orders over £75

Powerhubb Matrix EV Car Charger

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Powerhubb Matrix 7.4kW Home EV Charger


5m Tethered Cable

No Earth Spike Needed


Sleek Compact Design

Instant control Smart App

Start, stop and schedule your charging with our SmartApp and take advantage of lower tariffs, alternatively just Plug & charge.

powerhubb app

The Powerhubb Matrix 7.4kW home EV charger is a compact home EV charger with built-in PEN fault system and multitude of connections, allowing the charger to be operated at all times with/without WIFI.

The Matrix is Easy to install & Compatible with all vehicles. This Powerhubb Matrix home EV charger is a Tethered EV Charger with a 5-metre cable and has features such as Solar integration.

Powerhubb Matrix EV Car Charger