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FuseBox Type 2 Surge Protection Device SPDCUKITT2

Comprises SPDCUT2 SPD module + 32A MCB
Supplied with E,N&L 6mm cables
Terminal Capacity 6-16mm2
Flag Indication: Green = Good    Red = Replace
Suitable for TN, TNC-S, TNC and TT systems.
Suitable for TN, TNC-S, TNC and TT systems.
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Product Information

FuseBoxType 2 Surge Protection Device SPDCUKITT2

For use in FuseBox consumer units, this Surge Protection device suitable for TN systems. The SPD unit itself now only takes up one slot in the board, freeing up space to fit other devices elsewhere. It comes complete with a 32 amp MCB 3 fly lead cables for quick and easy installation and features a replaceable cartridge.

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