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TEXECOM ACC-0001 Premier Grade 2 Ceiling Mount 360 Degree Motion Detector – 360QD

Texecoms range of Premier Compact detectors are designed to provide optimum performance levels in any type of residential environment. A variety of detection technologies ensure there is a Premier Compact model to overcome even the most challenging installation.
Premier 360 QD Ceiling Mount Quad Element Detector. The 360 QD from Texecom features an omni-directional quad element pyro for true 360° pickup. Advanced digital design ensures maximum false alarm immunity in all environmental conditions, yet still maintains optimum catch performance.

Detection Range 11/35 (m/ft)
Selectable Pulse Count
Sealed Optics
Digital Microprocessor Technology
Omni-directional Quad Element Pyro For True 360° Coverage
PD6662:2010 Grade 2 Class II

Models available in this range:

ACC-0001 Ceiling Mounted 360QD 360 Degree Quad Element
ACD-0001 Compact IR Dual Element PIR
ACE-0001 Compact XT PIR
ACF-0001 Compact QD Quad Element PIR
ACH-0001 Compact PW Pet Immune PIR
AFW-0001 Ceiling Mounted 360DT 360 Degree Dual Element 

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Product Information

Omni-directional Quad Pyro
Featuring a true omni-directional Quad element pyro, the Premier 360QD provides exceptional catch  performance  for  any  direction  of  intruder  movement.  Other ceiling mount detectors normally use a standard  dual  element  pyro.  
These  are only suitable for use in wall mounted PIRs where most of the movement will be across the face of the detector. When dual element pyros are used in ceiling mount detectors, catch performance can decrease because sensitivity is extremely directional dependent.
Digital Signal Processing
Neural based environment learning provides the Premier 360 QD with real intelligence and enables it to continually monitor the  installation.  The  signal processing adjusts automatically to ensure optimum catch performance yet still maintains maximum false alarm immunity.
Digital Temperature Compensation
The  digital temperature compensation technique employed within the Premier360QD ensures that the Fuzzy Logic signature algorithms most suited to that particular environment are employed. If the environment changes then so do the  signal  processing  algorithms.This technique, unique to Texecom, ensures superb performance even in the hottest of climates.

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95 mm x 63 mm x 40.5 mm

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