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Texecom Veritas Alarm Panel with Onboard Keypad | Veritas 8 CFA-0001

Already renowned for its reliability, the Veritas 8™ has been upgraded with a host of new features. Installation and servicing are now even faster. Operation is quicker and easier. Programming has been both simplified and extended.
The Texecom Veritas 8 has the following outstanding features

8 Fully Programmable Zones Plus Tamper
Single Button Quick Set Option
Service Timers (Date Programmable)
Latching Walk Test Model
2 Programmable Part Set Suites
Soak Test Suite Texecom Bell Box Hold-off Mode
Key Switch Facility
Accepts Up To Six Backlit LED Remote Keypads
PD6662:2010 Grade1 Class II

8 Fully Programmable Zones Plus Tamper
The Veritas 8 features 8 fully programmable zones plus an additional global system tamper. Each zone operates in any of the 8 different zone types ensuring exceptional system flexibility.
Accepts Up To 6 Backlit Keypads With ergonomically designed touchtone backlit keys, the Veritas RKP provides a superior user-interface.
Easy to set-up and install, a hinged PCB chassis ensures excellent cable access and simple wiring.
Universal Programming Platform The Veritas 8 utilises the same intuitive programming platform as the rest of the Texecom Veritas Series, ensuring instant product familiarity across the range
If you require a backup battery, please check our Lead Acid Battery category here. This Panel will only take up to a 7.0ah Battery.

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£52.35 (£62.82 Inc. VAT)

In stock

Product Information

  • Current ConsumptionQuiescent current: <50mA
  • Alarm current: <150mA
  • Power SupplyMains Supply Voltage Rating: 230VAC/115VAC (±10%)
  • Max. Total Current Rating: 1ADC at 230VAC/115VAC (±5%)
  • Ripple: <5%
  • Part Sets: 2
  • Programmable Access Codes: 2
  • Engineer Event Log: 7
  • Accepts Up To Six Backlit Remote Keypads: LED
  • Dimensions: 246mm x 185mm x 55mm

If this is not the panel you are looking for, check out the rest of the range here:

CFA-0001 Veritas 8 This is the Veritas panel with keypad inbuilt into the panel.

CFB-0001 Veritas 8 Compact A slimline version of the Veritas 8 with a smaller profile.

CFC-0001 Veritas R8 A Veritas Panel with a seperate LED keypad.

CFD-0009 Veritas R8+ With Seperate LED keypad, this panel can take LCD keypads and features EOL Operation.

CFE-0001 Veritas Excel with all the features of the R8+ but comes with an LCD Keypad.



What are the dimensions of this Veritas alarm panel?

The Veritas alarm panel is 28.2cm wide by 22.8cm tall and 8cm deep. This applies to all Veritas panels apart from the Compact (CFB-0001).


What battery will fit in a Veritas panel?

This panel and all other Veritas panels (bar the compact CFB-0001) will fit upto a 7.0ah battery. It will also support anything under that such as a 2.0ah if you required more room for cabling.


Can I get spare parts for the Veritas panel?

Yes. Texecom do an array of spare parts such as power supplies, new PCB’s and even keypad buttons and associated membranes.

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246mm x 185mm x 55mm