Volt Stick Bright Non Contact Voltage Tester LED Torch and Sounder by Sagab

This latest version Volt Stick includes a number of new innovations including two interchangeable sensitivity settings (switchable by user from standard 230v range to high sensitivity 24v range), integrated bright white LED flashlight, more powerful LED & Sound indicators and digital microprocessor for higher accuracy and on-board function testing.

  • Non-contact voltage testing
  • Locates breaks in cables and detects blown fuses
  • Distinguishes between live and neutral wires
  • 2 x sensitivity ranges - standard 230v and high sensitivity 24v
  • Integrated bright white LED flashlight (forward facing)
  • Always active - always in test mode
  • On-board microprocessor for high accuracy testing
  • Internal battery & function testing
  • Universal flat tip fits most electrical sockets worldwide
  • More powerful LED & improved Sounder indicators
  • Long battery life - 1 to 2 years
  • UL and CE approved


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The Voltstick Bright brings many new and innovative features:

2 sensitivity ranges:
The Volt Stick Bright features 2 test ranges; a standard 230v range that is always active and a second, high sensitivity 24v range. The high sensitivity range is activated by pressing the test button for approx. 2 seconds.

Always active:
Key to a professional voltage detector is that it is ‘always active’ (ie. does not need to be switched on). When the Volt Stick Bright is not in use it will stand in ‘sleep mode’ using almost no battery power – but will be immediately active when used. This is a vital safety feature, since many voltage testers on the market have to be manually switched on before use.

Integrated Flash Light:
The new Volt Stick Bright features a clear, white LED flashlight integrated into the tip of the device.
Unlike other products on the market which have a flashlight on the ‘rear’ end, the VSB flashlight’s position means that it points in the direction of the area to be tested (makes perfect sense doesn’t it?!)

On-board Battery Check function:
Its microprocessor will test the device’s batteries every time it is used, without delay in voltage checking / functionality.

On-board Full Function Testing:
The microprocessor will also test all functions of the device, every time the test button is pressed. It will run a full test of antenna, electronics, LED and battery life. The high performance microprocessor will perform all tests in nanoseconds, without any delay in voltage checking / functionality.

Universal Flat Tip:
It features Volt Stick’s universal flat tip which will fit most electrical sockets around the world, including UK, Australia, Japan, USA, Germany, plus many more.

Powerful LED Indicator:
Features a strong red LED indicator when detecting voltage; probably the brightest LED indicator of any voltage testers on the market.

Sound Indicator:
Also features a clear, loud sound indicator to provide both visual and audible indication when detecting voltage.

New Battery Compartment:
The Voltstick Bright features a newly designed battery compartment which makes access and battery change much easier whilst protecting internal circuits from damage.

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Dimensions 145 x 18(Ø) mm
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