Summer Fans and Air Cooling


The best ventilation and home cooling solutions we offer


Harking as far back as 6th Century BC with the Punkah (punkah wallah), civilisation has had a need for room based cooling and fixed fans. Keeping a room ventilated and its occupants cool quickly becomes a top priority in the summer months and general ventilation helps keep a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

The most efficient fans produce air flow with high volume and low pressure. Whilst fans are primarily used to cool people, it is a common misconception that they cool air. They in fact work by assisting evaporative cooling of sweat on skin and increasing heat convection into the surrounding air due to airflow from the fan. This is why some fans can feel ineffective when the surrounding area is at body temperature. All of these fans come fitted with a UK Plug as standard.

Floor Fan

Floor fans are usually mounted on a swivel bracket that sits on the floor without the need for assembly. Currently the largest fan size in stock, they are useful in every application. They are more secure than pedestal fans and their size and easy of setup makes them a useful household and office appliance and a great substitute for air conditioning in rooms. As well as cooling, these floor based fans are also used in industrial applications such as drying and flood damage recovery. Our Floor fan is an 18 inch Chrome fan with three speed settings that help you regulate cool air flow and ventilate any room in the house.

Pedestal Fan

Pedestal Fans work on the same principal as desk fans with three speeds and oscillation functions. They are on a long pedestal which keeps them free standing on the floor and at a height to cool standing or sitting people. Great for offices, pedestal fans can blow cold air in and around your work station. Mush like desk fans, pedestal fans usually require assembly.

Desk Fans

Desk fans are now available in a massive range of types and variations. Technologies come and go but the standard desk far will be around forever the desk fan is the humble room ventilator that is instantly recognisable. With 3 speed settings, oscillating head and tilt control. Ideal for home and work, it is quiet yet powerful and offers flexible directional adjustment for focused coverage. Despite the name, "desk" fan, it can be used anywhere; If you find your kitchen gets horribly hot when cooking, a desk fan would help you endure the heat.

  1. PRO-ELEC PEL00295 12'' White Oscillating Desk Fan
    Economy Desk Fan 12'' White Oscillating
    Excl. VAT £22.99
    £27.59 Incl. VAT

Wall Mounted Fan

Wall fans usually come with a remote control, enabling them to be mounted high up and out of reach. This is particularly useful for workplaces and shops as well as home when you have young children about where the presence of floor or desk fans could cause a problem. Efficient and friendly to use, our wall fans have a 90° oscillating tilting 3-blade head which circulates the cool air, providing effective room cooling. They also feature a fitted with a built-in timer with upto seven and a half hour programmed operation. As stated previously, most wall fans come with a remote and our fan is no exception with its infra-red remote control. Our wall fan is perfect for a conservatory and looks great on any wall.