Syam DIS/LB1 Disabled Toilet and Bathroom Alarm Alarm Log Book

Log book to record the regular testing of disabled toilet alarms and disabled alarms in bathrooms, shower rooms, hotel bedrooms, etc.

  • A4 format with durable, wipe-clean plastic laminated cover
  • Records testing for up to six disabled alarm units of any make
  • Provides instruction on how to test and details the locations of the control unit plus all call devices and indicators
  • Details the battery (if fitted) in each unit together with the necessary replacement date.
Excl. VAT £6.99
£8.39 Incl. VAT

What is this?

This log book is for testing disabled alarms and its use will encourage a regular inspection regime to ensure that these infrequently used but essential alarms remain in good working order.
Why is this important?

Most premises are now required to have disabled alarms in toilets and other rooms where disabled persons may visit or work.  Something as simple as tying back the pull-cord string can render the system unusable and may leave you in breach of the Disability Discrimination Act.  Regular inspection and testing is the only way to be sure that these systems work when required.
How long will the book last?

If you choose to test the systems once per fortnight then for six alarms the book will last around three and a half years.  If you only have one alarm then its six times this as there are six records available each lasting over three years.  For more regular testing it will be less, for longer test intervals then it will be more.  Advice on suitable test intervals is given in the book.

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Dimensions A4
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