Texecom Hybrid Alarm Kit 3 PIR's, Batt & Wireless Expander and Contact KIT-LAMBDA

Do you have alarm cable already installed but want to expand without adding more wires???

The wired-2-wireless hybrid kits have been put together by us at Powersaver to accommodate the need for a wired alarm with room for wireless expansion in the future. Many customers have asked us for a basic wired set up (that you can still build up with more wired components) but for the ability to add wireless components too. 

Every one of our wired-2-wireless hybrid kits features a fully wired panel, bellbox, and PIR's. They also feature the wireless expander for adding RICOCHET WIRELESS devices.

If this sounds like what you need, then its up to you which kit you pick! 

We have variations of kits ranging from a small 2 PIR simple kit, upto a full kit with Cable, Clips and Spur.  We also have a few kits with popular wireless additions such as wireless PIR's or a wireless contact. We even have a wired kit with a wireless keypad! Its, widely requested! It means you can have a seamless keypad by your front door without the need for a rewire!


1x CAA-0026 Wired 24 Zone Panel

1x DBB-0001 Wired Large Screen Keypad (Non-Proximity)

1x FCA-0001 Wired Odyssey 1 Bellbox

3x ACD-0001 Wired Standard PIR Sensors

1x GCD-0001 Wireless 8 Zone Expander

1x GHA-0001 Wireless Ricochet Door Contact 

1x 7.0aH Lead Acid Backup Battery for the Alarm Panel (type may vary)

If you want to view activity of these systems on your smartphone and activate/deactivate them from anywhere in the world, you need:

Texecom Connect Smartcom CEL-0001

Excl. VAT £256.00
£307.20 Incl. VAT

Please note, all alarm systems should be installed by a qualified installer. Though these kits and components are sold to the end user. Familiarity with the systems is advised as Texecom no longer provide paper manuals. Manuals should be acquired through their installer app or from the Texecom website.

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