Texecom Impaq SC-W Wireless Shock and Contact Sensor with Ricochet Mesh Technology GJA-0001 White

• Combined shock and magnetic contact sensor
• Additional two terminal inputs for external contact or roller shutter
devices and tamper
• Superior accelerometer technology
• Complies with the latest EN50131-2-8 Grade 2 shock sensor standard
• 3 year typical battery life
• Ricochet mesh technology
• Available in white, brown and anthracite grey
• Mounting surfaces - uPVC window frame, wood and concrete
• Compatible with Premier Elite and Premier panels



Excl. VAT £37.50
£45.00 Incl. VAT

The introduction of the new European shock sensor standard (EN50131-2-8) brings the opportunity to offer customers a more accurate, reliable and user configurable product. The Impaq SC-W builds on the technology found in the Premier Elite Micro Shock-W which was the first product on the market compliant to EN50131-2-8.

It contains superior accelerometer technology which provides a much higher level of accuracy for detecting and analysing vibrations in comparison to the piezoelectric technology currently used, and can therefore reduce false alarms. 

Following the introduction of the Impaq SC-W the existing wireless Impaq range will be discontinued. With only one product in the range it will reduce stock for distribution and installers and improve availabilty.


  • Selectable shock, contact or terminal options

  • Detects in any mounting orientation and on a variety of
    mounting surfaces

  • Intuitive LED indications take you step by step through
    the set-up and commissioning process ensuring you can
    quickly install the product and minimise false alarms

  • Protects windows, doors and walls by alarming at the first
    indication of an attack

  • Low battery warning provides advanced notification for
    battery replacement

EN50131-2-8 Highlights

In accordance with the new shock standard, manufacturers must recommend a suitable sensitivity setting for three types of material; framed glass window, wood and concrete, based on the testing requirements of EN50131-2-8.
There are 5 sensitivity settings from 1 to 5 with 1 being the least sensitive (slowest flash rate) and 5 the most sensitive. Each press of the sensitivity button will change the setting indicated by the flash rate of the blue LED, cycling from slow to fast and finally back to slow after 5 presses.

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