TEXECOM AFX-0001 Premier Elite Grade 3 Anti Masking Motion Detector AM360DT - Antimask 360 Dual Technology (Dualtech)

High-risk applications require high performance solutions.

The Premier Elite AM range offers Grade 3 ceiling mount detection for reliable catch performance, together with active IR anti-masking to protect against sabotage.

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  • Premier Elite Antimasking Quad Grade 3  AMQD [AFA-0001]
  • Premier Elite Antimasking Dual Tech Grade 3 AMDT [AFB-0001]
  • Premier Elite AM360 Antimasking 360Degree Quad Grade3 AM360QD [AFC-0001]
  • Premier Elite AM360 Antimasking 360Degree Dual Tech Grade3 AM360DT [AFX-0001]
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£36.00 Incl. VAT
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Detector Type Antimasking 360 Dual Tech
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