TEXECOM AFA-0001 Premier Elite Grade 3 Anti Masking Motion Detector AMQD - Antimask Quad Element

Premier Elite AMQD is a Quad Detector PIR that basically has two Standard PIR detectors working together in one unit. The effect is much better reliability as both detectors need to trigger at the same time which creates a greater resistance to false alarms.

High-risk applications require high performance solutions. The Premier Elite AM range offers Grade 3 ceiling mount detection for reliable catch performance, together with active IR anti-masking to protect against sabotage.

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  • Premier Elite Antimasking Quad Grade 3  AMQD [AFA-0001]
  • Premier Elite Antimasking Dual Tech Grade 3 AMDT [AFB-0001]
  • Premier Elite AM360 Antimasking 360Degree Quad Grade3 AM360QD [AFC-0001]
  • Premier Elite AM360 Antimasking 360Degree Dual Tech Grade3 AM360DT [AFX-0001]
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Detector Type AM Antimasking Quad
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