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Texecom Batteries for Texecom Wireless Products

Which batteries fit my Texecom wireless alarm?

The Texecom Ricochet range of wireless alarm devices consists of many different products. Each of these products utilise different types of burgler alarm battery. Bulkier Texecom devices tend to use AA batteries whereas smaller items utilize more compact Lithium batteries such as a CR2 and CR123.

Use our handy chart below to find the correct replacement battery for your Texecom alarm.


GHA-0001Micro ContactCR2450
GHA-0002Micro ContactCR2450
GHA-0003Micro ContactCR2450
GHC-0001Micro ShockCR2450
GHC-0002Micro ShockCR2450
GHC-0003Micro ShockCR2450
GBX-0001Internal Sounder8x AA Lithium
GBV-0001External Sounder8x AA Lithium
GBP-0001External Sounder8x AA Lithium
GBQ-0001External Sounder8x AA Lithium
GBR-0001External Sounder8x AA Lithium
GBS-0001External Sounder8x AA Lithium
GBT-0001External Sounder8x AA Lithium
GBY-0001Carbon Monoxide Detector2x 1.5v AA Alkaline
GBN-0001Smoke and Heat Detector3x AAA Alkaline
GBG-0001Panic ButtonCR123 Lithium
GCC-0001SmartkeyCR2 Lithium
GBC-0001Door ContactCR123 Lithium
GBB-0001Shock SensorCR123 Lithium
GJA-0001Impaq Shock/ContactCR2 Lithium
GJA-0004Impaq Shock/ContactCR2 Lithium
GJA-0005Impaq Shock/ContactCR2 Lithium
GBA-0001PIRCR123 Lithium
GBL-0001PIRCR123 Lithium
GBH-0001PIRCR123 Lithium
GBF-0001PIRCR123 Lithium
GBD-0001PIRCR123 Lithium
GBK-0001PIRCR123 Lithium
GBM-0001360° PIRCR123 Lithium
GBW-0001External PIR2x AA Lithium
GBW-0002External PIR2x AA Lithium
GCE-0001Keypad4x AA Lithium



Which battery does the Odyssey bell box take?

The standard wired Odyssey bell boxes take the BAT-001 backup battery pack. This is for all of the wired Odyssey range. The wireless Odyssey boxes take AA Lithiums.

How many batteries do i need for Ricochet wireless bell boxes?

The Ricochet Odyssey wireless bell boxes take 8x AA Lithium batteries. 4 for normal operation and 4 for backup, so 8 in total.

How do I change the battery in the Impaq sensor?

The wireless Impaq sensors will have a concave oval shape in the centre of the front of the device. This is hiding the screw that holds the device together. Using a small object, prise the oval cover off the device to reveal the screw.

What is the standard battery life of Texecom wireless products?

Bell box batteries have a 2-5 year battery life. PIR’s and Microcontacts have an average battery life of 3 years, the Smartkey battery has a life of 2-3 years and Panic button batteries have an average life of 4 years.