Wago Series 224 Push Action Lighting Wire Connector Terminal Block for Solid, Stranded and Flexible Cables 24 Amp 2 Conductor 224-101

For use with

0.75mm - 2.5mm - Solid Cables
1.5mm - 2.5mm - Stranded Cables
0.08 - 4mm - Flexible Cables

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The Wago 224 Series of lighting wire connectors offers the installer great time saving over traditional junction boxes, connector strips and choc boxes. 

The Wago Lighting connector is designed for use in lighting applications. The Connector accepts a solid or stranded conductor on the "installation" side secured by a push action cage clamp.

To use simply push the stripped solid conductor into the pushfit end to make the connection, on the clamp side squeeze the terminal to open the clamp mechanism and insert the stripped solid, stranded or flex conductor into the connector to make the connection with no tools required. 

WAGO's lighting connectors have saved people time and money due the many benefits they offer and are ideal for loop in loop out light circuits, downlight installation and multiway switch circuits. 

The 224 series offer connectors for solid, stranded and flexible cables from 1 - 2.5mm² on the installation side and 0.5 - 2.5mm² on the lighting side. 

Use the connectors with an installer Wagobox and these Wago connectors meet the electrical requirements of BS7671 17th Edition and enables 'best practice' procedures complying as a maintenance free junction box. 

The Wago 224 range offers 2 and 3 pole terminations in a terminal block rated at 24A. All connectors have a built in test point. 

Connection: 2 Cables
Colour: Grey

Cable size: 
Installation Side 
Solid - [mm²] 0.75 - 2.5 mm²
Stranded - [mm²] 1.5 - 2.5 mm²
Lighting Side
Flexible - [mm²] 0.08 - 2.5 mm²
Voltage: 240/440v

Strip length: 9 - 11 mm
Current: 24 A

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