Wagobox for Wago Push-wire Connector Terminals Compliant with 17th Edition as a Maintenance Free Junction Box

Allows Wago terminals to comply with 17th Edition when used as Maintenance Free Junction / Joint box.

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Simply use the connectors with a Wagobox and Wago connectors meet the electrical requirements of BS7671 17th Edition and enables 'best practice' procedures complying as a maintenance free junction box. The cable gripper mechanism has an extra gripper position for improved clamping on really small profile cables. 

The Wago 773 Series of Push wire connectors for junction boxes offers the installer great time saving over traditional junction boxes, connector strips and choc boxes. 

WAGO's junction box connectors have saved people time and money due the many benefits they offer. With a range of connectors for solid and stranded cables from 0.08 - 6mm² and up to 41 Amp many applications are covered.

The Wagobox is available in Grey, White, Black or Red for easy identification of different electrical circuits. 

Cable sizes 3 x 6.0mm² Twin & Earth or 4 x 4.0mm² Twin & Earth or 6 x 1.0, 1.5 or 2.5mm² Twin & Earth or 6 x 1.0 or 1.5mm² 3-core & Earth.

Current rating Up to 41A. 

Voltage rating 400V/40KV

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