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 Free delivery on orders over £75


aico smoke detectors

Aico Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection

Made in Shannon, Ireland. Every alarm Aico produce carries a Kite Mark, is tested a minimum of four times, and is always at the forefront of alarm technology. With lifetimes worth of expertise behind their products, Aico are committed to providing the Highest Quality fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

With unrivalled levels of innovation, design and service, Aico alarms meet UK Standards and offer a wide range of products to cover every aspect of fire protection. Alongside their superlative quality is the equally excellent level of care and service Aico provide. With expert technical support Aico also have a dedicated installer training scheme, Expert Installer. They also work alongside Councils and Housing Associations to create bespoke specifications and solutions to help create safer environments for tenants.

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