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Energy Saving Lighting


Save money with our range of energy-saving lighting products.

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Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs


Are energy saving light bulbs worth it?


On average, lighting accounts for roughly fifteen percent of a UK household’s electric bill, that’s a lot of money. Switching out a 50W halogen lamp for an equivalent LED light bulb can save you up to £75 throughout the course of the lamp’s lifespan. That’s not even including the cost of having to frequently replace the halogen!

A halogen bulb on average lasts around 2,000 hours, whereas an LED equivalent lasts around 10,000 hours so the savings can soon add up.

Energy Saving Trust


Based on this information alone, it’s easy to recommend switching out old halogen and incandescent lamps for newer, more cost-effective LED light bulbs.

Energy Saving LED Floodlights


Why choose LED Floodlights?


LED floodlights (also referred to as ‘Security Lights’) are a great way to light up outdoor areas such as gardens and driveways. LED floodlights are available with and without PIR.

LED floodlights use up to 90% less electricity than other types of lighting, making them a great option for homes that need to save money on their electric bills.

Integrated LED Downlights


What is an integrated downlight?


An integrated downlight is a low-wattage light fitting that comes with an LED bulb or lamp built into it.

Integrated downlights have rapidly become a popular choice and have cemented themselves as standard in all types of homes and businesses.

We stock a wide range of integrated LED downlights with a selection of different colour temperatures and bezels.

What are the different types of downlights?

LED Commercial Lighting


Energy Saving Lights for Warehouses and Businesses


Given the ever-growing costs related to running a business, business owners are now looking to save money wherever possible…

An easy and cost-effective way of doing this is to replace their old fittings with newer, cheaper-to-run LED alternatives.

We offer a selection of low-bay/high bay lights (more commonly referred to as ‘Warehouse Lights’)

We also provide surface-mounted bulkheads that are highly popular in various sectors.

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