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Steinel Lighting and Sensors

STEINEL since 1959…

Born in Herzebrock-Clarholz, 1959, STEINEL has grown from pioneer to trail blazer in the sensor-controlled lighting market. Steinel are now world renown as the birthplace of innovative and intelligent products of world renown are created at the company’s own development centres across the world. All products are manufactured by company-owned factories in Germany, Switzerland, Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Made in Europe is STEINEL’s formula for success and Powersaver are proud to be distributing Steinel products across the UK.

Steinel Sensor Technology

The entire range of Steinel detectors provide excellent quality of detection and can be tailored to the specific conditions on site. With detectors wired up so quickly and easily, there’s enough time left for gardening. From Indoor and Outdoor, their range of sensors covers 180, 360 coverage, ceiling and wall mount, corner mount or customise with shrouds. Tiltable or fixed with selectable time and twilight thresholds varying on model.

Steinel Outdoor Lights and Floodlights

Either powered by Steinel sensor technology or activated however you like. Floodlighting with the Home range, On-demand light for illuminating large areas around buildings or choose sensor switched wall lights such as the L240. Solar lights and pillar or post lights. Make your house stand out with the L 630 LED sensor-switched outdoor light with removable infrared 360° mini sensor with its illuminated house number panel.