Free delivery on orders over £75

 Free delivery on orders over £75

Tubular Heaters

Tube Heaters are a versatile and efficient means of heating a wide range of small rooms and spaces at a fraction of the running cost of a comparable paraffin or gas heater.

Our collection of electric tubular heaters from Hyco and Ecoheater are available in a wide range of sizes from 1ft to 6ft. Along with this all our heaters feature a low profile design and the ability to be mounted to either the floor or a wall with the included brackets.

As a result tube heaters can be handy in a wide range of environments including small rooms and offices, garages, sheds, greenhouses, growing rooms, vivariums, kennels, grow tents and conservatories.

Tube Heaters also feature an integrated thermostat which automatically shuts off the heater once it reaches a set temperature to improve longevity and safety.

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