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Welcome to Powersaver Electrical and Security Supplies

Sockets, Switches, Consumer Units, Burglar Alarms, Lighting, Heating, Electrical Testers and much more.


Powersaver are a well established wholesaler and online supplier of affordable Electrical and Security products, operating from our locations across Yorkshire & Lancashire.

We offer some of the highest quality branded products. For burglar alarm kits, Texecom Veritas security systems and Premier Alarm systems offer ideal protection for home or office.

For Electrical and Circuit Distribution we stock Sockets, Switches, Consumer Units, Surge Protection, Electrical Cable accessories, Plugs and Fuses. All from top names such as Scolmore, MK, Contactum, FuseBox, Crabtree and Schneider.

For electrical testing, Fluke and Amprobe insulation, continuity and multi-function testers are straight from factory and all fully calibrated.

Lighting by top brands such as Steinel and Forum provide excellent Bathroom lighting while Ansell lead the charge on offering commercial LED panel lights and LED warehouse lights.

We specialise in Intruder alarms and wireless burglar alarm systems. Choose exactly what you need for your home security, and save money by only needing your alarm installer for installation and set-up.