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GJD D-Tect X Receiver – GJD392

GJD392 D-Tect X Receiver

The D-TECT X receiver is supplied as standard with a 4 channel module pre-installed.

There are also expansion slots which will accommodate up to 3 additional 4 channel modules giving a total of 16 channels. Therefore the receiver is able to control and monitor up to 16 D-TECT X detectors

Up to 500 m (line of sight)

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Product Information

The D-TECT X Receiver is a 500 metre range, 4 channel receiver expandable to 16 channels. The receiver is compatible with the D-TECT X ranges of wireless detectors and communication using 868MHz transmission protocol.

This D-TECT X receiver can be expanded with the addition of up to three further 4 channel expansion modules. This allows the receiver unit to monitor the active state of up to 16 wireless D-TECT X movement detectors.

The D-TECT X Repeater can be used to extend the RF range of a D-TECT X detector, or to boost signal in a poor reception area.

The D-TECT X Repeater must be placed within 500 metres line of sight between the D-TECT X detector(s) and D-TECT X Receiver(s).

The unit will repeat all signals from D-TECT X detectors within range and as such does not require any programming to function

COMMUNICATION RANGE Up to 500 m (line of sight)

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