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GJD Opal RFX Wireless 35m External PIR Sensor – GJD018

The Opal RFX is a robust external 35 metre passive Infrared intruder detector, designed to detect and transmit reliable event-based triggers to the weatherproof RFX-3 Receiver. These combined units enable simultaneous or individual control of cameras, DVR’s and virtually all low voltage switching requirements. The Opal RFX is a wireless PIR that works with the RFX-3 receiver.
On installation the integral, dual axis bracket of the sensor allows 180° of pan and 90° tilt to ensure theaccurate aiming of the detection beams. The ABS vandal resistant housing has a UV stabilised translucent front cover to provide additional protection to the optics.
All activity signals are directed to their respective volt free outputs and in addition there are a further nine individual monitoring and information outputs.

Wireless 433 MHz,
IP55 rated,
10 to 35 metre, 90 degree fully adjustable external detector.

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Product Information

A Wireless 433 MHz, IP55 rated, 10 to 35 metre, 90 degree fully adjustable external detector.

The battery powered wireless Opal RFX external passive infrared intruder detector is designed to detect and transmit reliable event based triggers to the weatherproof RFX-3 receiver. The combined wireless system enables the simultaneous or individual control of cameras, VCRs, DVRs, security lights and virtually all low voltage switching devices. 


  • Requires: 2 x AAA Alkaline 1.5 Volt (not supplied).
  • Typical battery life two years 
  • Transmission 150 metres line-of-sight: 433.92 MHz frequency – SAW stabilised 
  • Coverage Range 10 to 35 metres: 35 x 30 m with 90º multifunction lens
  • Internal adjustment 180º pan + 90º tilt 
  • Mounting Height Variable: 
  • 3 m for multi-beam coverage
  • 6 m for curtain coverage
  • 1.5 m for pet immunity (mask supplied) 
  • Processing Non-volatile memory.
  • Intelligent signal processing
  • Digital integral white light filter.
  • 16 million possible identification codes 
  • Adjustments Detection signal (CCTV) timer 0.4 to 60 secs. Light level signal 2 Lux to daylight.
  • Pulse count 1 (2 & 3 < 6 seconds) 
  • Temperature -20°C + 55°C 
  • Detector Housing ABS high impact IP55 rated 

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