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 Free delivery on orders over £75

Kidde KF30 57° Fixed Point Heat Detector and Alarm with 9V Back up Battery

230V Hard Wired Mains Powered Alarm with Battery Backup
Interconnects to 23 alarms
Combined Test & Hush Button
Guaranteed for 6 Years

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Product Information

Recommended for Kitchens/Garages & Unconverted loft spaces

Relatively new product for domestic residences & designed for environments that are classed as hostile for smoke alarms.

They should only ever be installed alongside & interconnected to compatible mains smoke alarms. In a domestic fire scenario it is generally accepted that the smoke alarms will react quicker.

That assumes of course that the smoke from the fire reaches the smoke alarm.
If the kitchen door is closed, the Heat Alarm is likely to trigger first.

The majority of domestic fires start in the kitchen (Government Fire Stats) and is why Heat Alarms were added to the Building Regs, Approved Document B.

They react when an ambient temperature of 57oC (135F) is reached: these are Fixed Point Heat Alarms. Uniquely with Kidde’s Heat Alarms they can be interconnected to Smoke & CO Alarms.

The Building Regulations {Approved Doc B, England & Wales} applicable from July 2000 require many new homes to have them fitted in the kitchen area.
Kitchen is the source of most residential fires, but due to steam and invisible cooking particles is unsuitable for smoke alarms.

The BS Code of Practice 5839 Pt6:2004 now also recommends one is installed in main living room too.

Extend usage into existing properties when they are refurbished.

Available in mains configuration only.

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