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Kinetic KSB5516 16 Ohm Grade 2 Mylarcone Square Extension Speaker AS04

Kinetic Grade 2 internal extension speaker for replication of alarm panel notifications and keypad tones.
Ideal for applications where the entry / exit is located a distance from the main alarm control panel.
Use in conjunction with the sound bomb 1 and sound bomb 2 to ensure audible deterrent upon alarm activation.

Internal Mylarcone Extension Speaker
16 Ohm impedance
12 Watt maximum power
Low profile stylish casing in ABS
Wall mount back-plate
Grade 2
12VDC Powered

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Product Information

16 Ohm mylarcone Extension speaker that has been utilized as the internal sounder of choice in literally millions of security system installations worldwide for the past two decades.

Sleek and attractive low profile ABS casing with the option of a two-way anti-tamper micro-switch to comply with Grade 3 specification, See the KSB5516MS version.




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110 x 110 x 45 mm


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