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TIMEGUARD DS1 Electronic Time Delay Switch (2 Wire)

Single gang push button delay switch with centre button neon. Light ON times are adjustable from 10 seconds to 10 minutes approx. via a tamper-proof potentiometer setting.

2 wire connection – neutral not required.
Neon button highlights switch in dark areas. 
Adjustable light ON times from 10 seconds to 10 minutes approx. via a tamper-proof potentiometer. 
For use with incandescent lighting up to 1.5kW and 20 – 200W of low voltage and 10W LED lighting (not suitable for fluorescent and low energy lighting). 
See DSS for multiple position switching.

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In stock

Product Information

Filament Load (Max.)1.5kW
Low Voltage Lighting20 – 200W
Stand-alone LED Rating20W
Adjustable Time Delay10 seconds to 10 minutes
Operating Voltage230V AC
Operating Temperature-10°C to 40°C
Light ON TimeAdjustable
EC DirectivesConforms to Latest Directives
Dimensions (mm)Height 86, Width 86, Depth 20

This product requires to be permanently charged which is achieved through the switched Live. As such, some LED and CFL lamps may glow or flash whilst this product is in the ‘OFF’ status. This glow/flash can be eliminated by adding the Timeguard ZV900 Automatic Switch Load Controller to the circuit. 
The LED switching capabilities of this product can be increased up to 200W by the addition of the Timeguard ZV900 Automatic Switch Load Controller. The ZV900 is sold separately.

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86mm x 86mm x 20mm


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