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TIS Professional Multifunction Tester with EV Testing

Professional Multifunction Tester with EV testing capabilities

TIS MFT-PRO is a professional multifunction installation tester with power quality analysis & Wi-Fi and EVSE Testing Capabilities.
The TIS-MFTPRO is a Multi Award-Winning professional multifunction installation tester with power quality analysis & Wi-Fi it also NOW has the capabilities to fully test Evse Charging Stations ideally when used in conjunction with the TIS EV-TEST100.
It will carry out all the expected functions of a multifunction tester, including Loop, Rcd & Insulation tests & much much more. It also includes the facility to test Phase to Phase on Loop, A large TFT Colour LCD display, and TRMS for accurate measurements on noisy and harmonically distorted circuits. The TIS MFT-PRO also features an accurate Pro-Lock no trip loop test, power quality analysis & harmonics up to the 25th!.

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Product Information

TIS Professional Multifunction Tester | MFTPRO

• NEW EVSE Testing Capabilities.

• NEW RDC-DD 6mA Test for EVSE to IEC 62955

• Full Auto-Sequence using TIS EV-TEST100.

• NEW 6mA DC RCD & Ramp Test for EVSE Charging Points, PLUS BRAND NEW RDC-DD 6mA Test to IEC 62955

• NEW Auto Sequence performs Loop, RCD & both cycles of the Ramp Test from pressing the test button once.

• TFT Large Colour LCD Display 320×240 pixels

• Phase to Phase Loop Testing

• TRMS for accurate measurement on noisy & distorted circuits

• Resistive touch screen, works even with gloves on!

• Full help schematic display

• Power quality analysis of single-phase or balanced 3 phase systems

• Built in fuse characteristic table with a tick (OK) or cross (FAIL) display

• Measurement of continuity >200mA

• Supplied with neck strap & harness for hands free use

• Displays both PFC & PSC simultaneously on no trip test

• Displays both L-N, L-PE simultaneously on no trip test

• Compliant with BSEN 61557-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 17th Amendment 3 & 18th Edition

• Accurate PRO-Lock no trip loop test

• Phase Sequence Measurement

• Accurate & reliable no trip loop testing

• Line-Loop impedence, phase-phase, phase-neutral, phase p-e

• Insulation test at 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000V

• RCD Testing up to 1A or 10A with an optional adapter

• Automatic RCD test, 0°, 180°, x1, x½, x5, (One trip to the board)

• Ramp test in one visit

• Tripping time of general, selective and delayed RCD’s, A, AC & B

• Measurement of voltage drop on lines

• Measurement of voltage, current, active, reactive & apperent power Voltage & Harmonics up to the 25th

• With optional adapters will measure: leakage current measurements, current clamps, USB optical cable, RCD up to 10A

• Memory to 999 locations, 3 level markers

• PC interface integrated WiFi communication

• Software included (This Professional Multifunction Tester has the Latest Top View Software)


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