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TIS Safety Pat Plus Portable Appliance Tester | TIS 600

The TIS 600 is a very simple and easy to use Pat Tester that works from batteries or an AC/DC power adapter, It will also test ALL portable equipment 110V, 230V and 415V (110V and 415V with optional adapters). Built-in memory stores 300 results which can be written down later, It’s as simple as A, B, C press the button and the tester does the rest. Complete with a padded carrying case, batteries and AC/DC adapter.

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Product Information

TIS Safety Pat Plus PAT Tester

Features & Benefits
• Stores up to 300 complete test results
• Simple and extremely easy to use
• Battery and mains powered, using a 12V DC adapter
• Indicates if the appliance is switched on or not during the test
• 250V and 500V insulation
• Surge-protected equipment can be tested
• Test 110V, 230V and 415V (110V and 415V optional adaptors)
• Large LCD Display
• All tests timed out at 5 seconds in line with HSE guidance
• Auto Power Off
• Results held on display to allow them to be noted
• Complete with 12 months calibration certificate
• Indicates results with a Pass / Fail indication
• Indicates results with actual reading AND pass/fail
• Will test equipment that does not conform to EN60950
• Complete with soft, padded carrying case & neck strap
• Clear, precise testing procedures
• Single press of a button from start to finish of the test
• Complete with test leads, probes and earth clip
• Auto saving of results
• Tests long extension leads up to 0.5Ω

Tests Carried Out
• Earth Continuity Test up to 0.5Ω
• Insulation test at 250V and 500V
• True reading of leakage at 110V
• True reading of leakage at 230V
• Class I earthed appliances
• Class II double insulated appliances
• IT Test, computer equipment etc
• Tests at 110V, 230V & 415V (with optional adaptors)
• Tests all surge protected equipment
• Tests mains sockets & indicates fault situations
• Earth leakage tests 0-0.75mA, 0-3.50mA
• Tests polarity and indicates fault situations
• IEC cord test
• Extension leads up to 0.5Ω (most other testers will only test up to 0.2Ω)
• Results displayed in actual results AND pass/ fail
• All tests carried out automatically from the press of one button

2 Year Warranty

EAN Barcode: 5060508210160

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