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Zodion SS4E Two Part Electronic Electromagnetic Photocell Replacement Head Only for Dusk to Dawn and LED Lighting Control

Low cost photocell technology that includes an electro-magnetic relay and a photodiode sensor that reduces burning hours, lowers power consumption and ensures lifetime switching accuracy.

Supply Voltage : 198 – 264V
Switch on Level: 70 Lux
Total Discharge Load : 500w
Total Incandescent Load: 1200w
Suitable for LED Lighting Loads
Consumpation watts: Less than 1w
VDR Voltage Supression for Transient Voltages
Sensor Type: Photodiode
Fixing: NEMA
Operating Tempertaure: -20 / +70°deg
IP Rating: IP65

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In stock

Product Information

Used in the majority of streetlighting by councils up and down the country, the Zodion range of streetlighting photocells units combine load handling capability with advanced functionality. Demonstrating outstanding performance year in and year out, Zodion photocells react with great sensitivity to any light changes. Highly cost-effective and exceptionally efficient, Zodion photocells save money and precious resources through ultra-precise switching.

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80 x 58mm


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