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 Free delivery on orders over £75

Texecom SmartCom Connectivity

How to interface a SmartCom with other items.

The Texecom SmartCom Connect API (application program interface) is an integration protocol that interfaces Premier Elite control panels with 3rd party solutions. Currently, there are a number under way, some with smart connectivity providers and others with established players within the security market.

The first Premier Elite 3rd Party integration that will be available using the Texecom Connect API is with Control4, which is certification pending.

For the time being, there is no plug-and-play solution to connect non-Texecom external devices to your Texecom SmartCom. But the API is there to enable anyone with the technological know-how to connect and expand the alarm system into other areas such as camera systems, smart home systems, and other security solutions. If you wish to gain access to the API in order to develop your own connection systems, please contact Texecom.

Please check with Texecom for more information on the SmartCom API.


Does the Smartcom work with any alarm system? 

The Texecom Connect SmartCom will work with any Premier or Premier Elite system, be it wired or wireless. The Smartcom simply connects to your panel via cable, then either by ethernet or wireless connection to your router. With the device connected to your alarm system, you can monitor your system via the downloadable app. It gives you the kind of functionality you would expect from an alarm in the year 2020.

Notifications when the alarm is activated or when sensors are simply triggered. Activate and deactivate your alarm from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet connection. Look back at a timeline of events of sensor triggers and alarm de/activations. Name your users and keyfob swipes to see who exactly has clocked in and when. Attach smart devices such as the Texecom Smartplug to activate upon detecting entry, and turn your home into a Smart Home by switching on lights and other plugged-in devices from the app or upon sensor trigger.



TEXECOM CEL-0001 Connect SmartCom Intelligent Communicator for Premier Elite, Ethernet and WiFi Model

£78.19 (£65.16 Excl. VAT)

Connect your panel to any local area network via WiFi or Ethernet cable.
The Texecom Connect SmartCom is an ethernet communicator that facilitates the Texecom Connect experience by connecting any Premier Elite control panel to a local area network. Texecom Connect integrates with Texecom’s flagship security systems, the Premier Elite Series, to allow you to take direct control of your home and your security.
Control the operation of your security system, receive notifications of system events and monitor cameras or activity from anywhere in the world. Communicating exclusively using outbound connections.
The Texecom Connect SmartCom removes the need to open any router ports, ensuring simplicity of installation and maximum security. As such, any installation that has a reliable internet connection can benefit from Texecom Connect with the addition of the Texecom Connect SmartCom.
Download the Texecom Smart Connect App
The Texecom Connect app allows you to control your security directly from your compatible smartphone or tablet device. Control the operation of your security system, receive notifications of system events and monitor cameras or activity from anywhere in the world


Texecom Premier Elite Connect Dual Path SmartCom 4G, WIFI & Ethernet (CEL-0007)

£110.26 (£91.88 Excl. VAT)

Texecom Premier Elite Connect Dual Path SmartCom 4G, WIFI & Ethernet (CEL-0007)
Texecom’s SmartCom 4G adds new connectivity options for Premier Elite systems improving connection reliability. Providing access to Texecom Cloud and Texecom Connect (V2) services via single path (4G) or dual path (4G plus ethernet or WiFi), the SmartCom 4G is always on, always ready, and always available.
The SmartCom 4G includes an embedded eSIM, the eSIM cannot be removed or stolen ensuring a secure connection at all times. The global roaming SIM automatically connects with over 42 world-wide network operators providing a simplified network selection.