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 Free delivery on orders over £75

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Find out the differences between the different downlights we have to offer.

Integrated Downlight

What is a twistlock downlight?


Twistlock Downlights


A Twistlock downlight is a real time saver when it comes to changing lamps or bulbs in an LED downlight.

Traditional downlights made changing the buld a difficult operation but the Ansell twistlock downlight makes changing an LED downlight bulb or lamp a very simple task.

The twist and lock mechanism with a retaining ring allows for a very simple bulb or lamp change easily accomplished by non-qualified individuals.

Our wide range of Ansell twistlock downlights are available as fixed LED downlights or tiltable, gimbal LED downlights and a variety of colours

Integrated Downlights


What is an integrated downlight?


An integrated downlight is a low-wattage light fitting that comes with an LED bulb built into it.

Integrated downlights have rapidly become a popular choice and have cemented themselves as standard in all types of homes and businesses.

We stock a wide range of integrated LED downlights with a selection of different colour temperatures and bezels.

All of the integrated downlights we offer are Fire Rated and IP rated meaning they are suitable for many different areas of homes and businesses.


Fire Rated Downlights


What is a fire rated downlight?

Fire rated downlights are a critical safety feature in any building where fire safety is a concern. These downlights are designed to slow down the spread of fire, providing valuable time for occupants to escape and for emergency services to arrive.

The importance of fire rated downlights cannot be overstated, especially in buildings where there is a high risk of fire such as hospitals, schools, and commercial properties. With advanced features such as intumescent seals and fire-resistant materials, fire rated downlights are built to withstand extreme temperatures and prevent fire from spreading.

Investing in these downlights is a smart choice that could ultimately save lives and property in the event of a fire.

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