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PVC Electrical Tape 19mm X 33 Metres Available in Various Colours

A quality PVC electrical insulation tape

19mm x 33 Metre roll
Strong and durable
Available in White, Black, Red, Blue, Earth, Yellow, Grey & Brown Colours


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Product Information

Tape colorUsage (U.K.) Usage (International – new)
BlackInsulation, Low voltage, neutral Low voltage, phase B
RedLow voltage, phase A Sheath, 415 V 3 phase
BlueLow voltage, phase C Low voltage, neutral, Sheath, 230 V
Brown Low voltage, phase A
Orange Sheath, garden tools
YellowLow voltage, phase B Sheath, 110 V site wiring
Green/Yellow stripe Earth
Grey Low voltage, phase C

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19mm x 33 Metres


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