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TEXECOM WDC-0001 Odyssey X-BE Grade 2, 109db Sounder Bell Box Backplate with Integral Backlight

Next generation of external alarm sounders offers sublime installer logo and A full range of back lit Grade 2, Grade 3, wired bell boxes. 
Other Backplates of the Odyssey X range:

WDC-0001 Odyssey X-BE Grade 2 Backlit (109db)
WDC-0002 Odyssey X-B Grade 3 Backlit (115db)
WDD-0001 Odyssey X-E Grade 2 (109db)
WDD-0002 Odyssey X Grade 3 (115db)
WDE-0001 Odyssey X-D Dummy
GBV-0001 Odyssey X-W Wireless

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Product Information

A range of illuminated and non-illuminated external sounders (bell boxes) with un-parralled design and features are now available from Powersaver courtesy of Texecom the UK’s leading alarm manufacturer.

New from Texecom the Odyssey X series brings innovation and a modern twist to external sounders, providing unparalleled performance and extensive features to benefit installers and end users alike.

Odyssey X covers are now available in a black frame with blue, red, green and white lens options.

A choice of 6 electronic backplates provide illuminated Grade 2 and Grade 3 sounders, non-illuminated Grade 2 and Grade 3 sounders, wireless and dummy sounder options.

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276mm x 290mm x 58mm