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sagab volt sticks

Volt Stick 110 AC Non-contact Instant 110v Voltage Tester, by Sagab


Locates breaks in cables
Detects blown fuses inside plugs or fuse holders
Distinguishes between live and neutral wires in both single and three-phase supplies
Identifies voltage-carrying cables in junction boxes
Identifies faulty in-line switches
Locates defective in-series light bulbs
Special flat tip for use on US-style sockets
Optimised for 110v AC
Voltage indicator with safety handguard to avoid unintentional contact with live conductor
Insulated for safe use
Fully approved to IEC 61010-1, CATIII 1000VAC and CE


110v AC Mains testing
Flat tip for testing U.S. sockets
Ideal for testing temporary supplies on building sites and outdoor events

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Product Information

The VoltStick 110  is ideal for construction site temporary supplies and, of course, for use in mains testing in the USA. The red indicator in the tip will illuminate on detection of AC voltage simply by applying the tip close to any connection point, or moving it along any insulated cable.

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